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My Why:

I ran for Menomonee Falls School Board in 2020 the first time because I believed our students and staff needed more board representation that would put them first. Never has that statement been more true than it is today! When I step up to the board table, I’m not just the mom of four girls. I vote on what’s best for 4000 students and 500 staff. I know that decisions I make impact everyone in our district. ALL students deserve a safe, diverse, productive learning environment and ALL staff deserve a safe, healthy working environment. Policies should be reflective of that.

We have an obligation to all stakeholders, which includes our community. I believe in being fiscally responsible and holding to the established budget. I believe we are obligated to examine current expenses and always look for ways to save, while continuing to offer the best education and work environment we can.

I believe in the benefit of a public education. The lessons being taught in classrooms extend beyond just academics. Yes, the knowledge being shared is important, but there is so much more happening. I believe that the diversity and exposure to different people, ideas and concepts has made my children more understanding, more well-rounded, and more caring individuals. These social skills are going to serve them well beyond the classroom for the rest of their lives! 


I believe that a school board should be non-partisan. The political fight should be saved for people aspiring to run governments. I am not. I am solely focused on providing ALL students of Menomonee Falls with a quality education that will serve them well beyond the boundaries of our community. To prove my commitment, I attest that I am not funded by any outside political parties. In fact, you will not see a spot seeking donations on this page.

I believe that public education plays a vitally important part in our community both locally and worldwide. We owe it to students, parents, and community members to provide the best education in the most fiscally responsible way, so our students can turn into productive, contributing members of society, whether they choose to stay in Menomonee Falls or live internationally.

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